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Сareprost is a regenerating agent that was originally developed to treat hypotrichosis and restore healthy eyelash growth. The product is a sterile solution that should be applied externally, treating them with the growth lines of the upper eyelashes and eyebrows.

Hypotrichosis is characterized by intense loss and fragility of eyelashes, with this disease can be both acquired and congenital in nature. In the case of congenital hypotrichosis, eyelash loss is associated with insufficient levels of trace elements and vitamins that enter the body along with food.

Such a pathology is mainly aggravated by external factors, among which it is worth noting the prolonged eyelash extension, prolonged exposure to sunlight, as well as the use of low-quality decorative cosmetics from synthetic components that aggressively affect the structure of hairs.

Also, a significant negative effect on the eyelashes has a radiation exposure. And although hypotrichosis does not entail fatal consequences and a critical effect on the female body, it is associated with high aesthetic discomfort, which directly affects the woman’s self-confidence and her psychological well-being.

To correct this situation, experts recommend women special means that have a stimulating effect. Drops for Сareprost eyelashes help to resume hair growth, regenerative processes of the follicles and significantly strengthen the bulbs. The solution can be used by almost all women, having a minimum of contraindications.

The product is sold without a prescription, but before using the product for eyelashes and eyebrows Сareprost, it is necessary to exclude ophthalmic contraindications and obtain the approval of a doctor.


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